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Christine DuhaimeChristine Duhaime


Christine Duhaime is a financial crime advisor and a certified financial crime and anti-money laundering specialist, an American certification.

She is a member of the International Association of Financial Crime Investigators, the Association of Chiefs of Police, the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists, the Human Rights Lawyer’s Association, the French Lawyer’s Association of British Columbia, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the Club Canadien de Toronto and the Toronto Lawyers Association.   

She worked in the fraud department at a global bank to detect, deter and stop fraudulent and suspicious transactions connected to online financial transactions internationally and previously worked at a national accounting and advisory firm in Toronto on financial crime and anti-money laundering advisory and accounting matters, assisting banks, credit unions, casinos and large institutional clients with suspicious transactional analysis and financial audits, among other things. 

She has consulted on financial crime compliance and other matters to several Fortune Global 500 companies, global law firms, banks, casinos, government agencies and financial technology companies.  She also consults for clients in anti-money laundering compliance,  financial investigations, and forensics to trace assets in banks and at digital currency exchanges for litigation, recovery purposes, as well as auditing purposes, and advises in litigation matters for foreign asset tracing and recovery. 

She has consulted for select barristers and chambers in UK, Hong Kong and China in civil, commercial and foreign criminal matters in China including for proceedings at the High People’s Court of Fujian, Shijiazhuang Intermediate People’s Court, Intermediate People’s Court in Fuzhou, Gulou District People’s Court, Fengze District People’s Court and Shijiazhuang Arbitration Commission and her expertise in financial crime and allegations of money laundering and corruption includes expertise in the area of politically exposed persons and the movements of money from China and other high-risk jurisdictions. She also consults for government agencies as an expert on litigation matters and financial transactions originating from China. 

She has testified several times before Committees of the House of Commons and the Senate of Canada on financial crime and technology matters.

In the digital currency space, she oversaw a team that investigated cases for indicators of suspicious transactions on the Blockchain, and with the team, designed and developed custom suspicious activity and suspicious terrorist financing forms, where none previously existed, to enable the capture of inter-Blockchain wallet address transactions, bank information, IPs and other data to allow an organization to report to an FIU. Among other things, the team identified the first known case of trade based money laundering using digital currencies and worked closely with law enforcement on a series of fraud-related investigations involving the movement of funds on the Blockchain.

She was on the judicial advisory committee, a committee of the Canadian Bar Association, which assisted Association executives in vetting candidates to become judges in British Columbia, and prior thereto, was on various committees for the Canadian Bar Association for several years.

Christine was an Adjunct Professor of Law, and while studying at law school, wrote a legal text on international law which was published by a law publisher. While articling, she coached a moot team at law school on International arbitration law with former Court of Appeal Justice, the Honourable Edward C. Chiasson, instructing students on legal drafting and written arguments for complex international proceedings. While at law school, she won two first place awards at an international moot competition, becoming the only student at that law school to place first twice in one year at mooting.

Christine is currently writing a legal text on anti-money laundering law in Canada for a legal publisher scheduled for release in June 2020, and a second text on Blockchain forensics for beginners.

She previously wrote a legal text for casinos on reporting suspicious and terrorist financing transactions, as well as a chapter on financial crime in The RegTech Book in 2019, a chapter on the legal risks of digital currencies and Blockchain in the context of international trade harmonization published by the United Nations in 2016, and a chapter on aboriginal title for lawyers.

She is a frequent keynote speaker on anti-money laundering law, financial crime, forensics, investigations, technology, artificial intelligence and law, having been invited by the White House to speak to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit as part of the delegation of leading entrepreneurs, before the United Nations UNICTRAL on Artificial Intelligence Law and Blockchain Law, the Financial Action Task Force on anti-money laundering law and the Asian Development Bank on financial inclusion, and has represented the Canadian government internationally to promote its innovation leadership. 

Christine is the author of the financial crime blog “Duhaime’s Financial Crime Law” and the technology blog “Artificial Intelligence Insight.”

Christine was featured in The Canadian Bar Association’s The National on how AI, Blockchain & FinTech will change the practice of law.

Among her pro bono activities, together with the University of Toronto Computer Science Department, she developed a free chatbot for Canadian lawyers to use to vet against terrorist and sanctions lists, as well as China’s most wanted list, which is in the testing phase in Toronto, and with a Toronto Blockchain company, is working on two Blockchain projects – one revitalizing a Blockchain service that registers copyright claims and the second to allow for the registration of Holocaust-related evidence to preserve the claims restitution process. She also volunteers for the Digital Finance Institute‘s Annual Canadian FinTech & AI Awards, particularly in support of two Awards she created – one to annually recognize the legal profession in Canada and the other to support diversity and inclusion. The annual Awards Gala event attracts an audience of 650 lawyers, bankers, compliance professionals, technology CEOs, accountants, government officials and influencers who gather annually to recognize exceptional Canadians.

Among pro bono litigation cases she has taken on, she obtained the release of a First Nations inmate wrongfully incarcerated at the Kent maximum security prison for over three years and helped parents whose daughter had been murdered in British Columbia, recover her assets wrongfully held by the convicted murderers family.

Christine has been ranked as one of the Top 100 Women in FinTech, Top 100% Most Influential in FinTech and a Top 100 thought leaders across FinTech, AI and Blockchain. 

She is the only Canadian on the advisory committee for the financial technology conference Money 20/20 for its 2020 annual global conference in the United States.

Select Media Interviews

Christine is frequently in the media on legal issues, particularly in relation to financial crime:

  • August 2017 – Christine was interviewed in American Banker on cybercriminals and AI.
  • August 2017 – Christine was the guest lawyer on American Banker’s podcast “Why Banks Should Embrace ICOs.”
  • July 2017 – Christine was on The Current on CBC Radio discussing the need for inclusive artificial intelligence.
  • June 2017 – Christine was in the South China Morning Post in connection with asset recovery for China.
  • June 2017 – Christine was in the Vancouver Sun in connection with asset recovery for China.
  • February 2017 – Christine was featured in The Guardian as one of 4 women changing FinTech.
  • January 2017 – Christine was in American Banker in connection with the evolution of AI and bots in banking.
  • March 2017 – Christine was on BNN, on real estate and money laundering risks.
  • September 2016 – Christine was in the South China Morning Post on an extradition treaty with China.
  • August 2016 – Christine was in American Banker on Artificial Intelligence and Banking.
  • June 2016 – Christine was on BBC World News in connection with human smuggling by transnational organized crime in Libya.
  • March 2016 – Christine was in Seattle Times for millennials impacted by Vancouver real estate.
  • July 2015 – Christine was in SWIFT’s Sibos Issues in respect of a project undertaken on women in FinTech.
  • July 2015 – Christine was in the Wall Street Journal regarding the FATF’s guidance on digital currencies.
  • June 2015 – Christine was in the CFA Magazine on digital currencies regulation and FinTech.
  • May 2015 – Christine was in American Banker on the growing issues of financial inclusion.
  • May 2015 – Christine was in the National Post regarding transnational organized crime in Canada and money laundering concerns.
  • April 2015 – Christine was in the South China Morning Post regarding China’s economic fugitives and proceeds of corruption.
  • April 2015 – Christine was in the Vancouver Sun regarding economic fugitives from China.
  • April 2015 – Christine was in the National Post and Ottawa Citizen on money laundering concerns with China’s economic fugitives.
  • April 2015 – Christine was in the National Post regarding money laundering compliance concerns involving the real estate sector in Canada.
  • April 2015 – Christine was in Business in Vancouver regarding risks of proceeds of corruption from China and money laundering concerns with economic fugitives.
  • February 2015 – Christine was in the South China Morning Post on the issue of money laundering risks in Vancouver.
  • January 2015 – Christine was in the Wall Street Journal in respect of the sanctions and North Korea.
  • January 2015 – Christine was in Forensic Accounting & Fraud Magazine regarding balancing the financial crime risks and digital currencies.
  • December 2014 – Christine was in MingPao Daily regarding money laundering trends in China, Hong Kong and Canada.
  • November 2014 – Christine was in Money Laundering Bulletin in respect of money laundering trends in China, Macau and Canada.
  • October 2014 – Christine was interviewed on BNN in respect of terrorist attacks in Canada and impacts on the economy and financial markets.
  • September 2014 – Christine was on CBC to discuss terrorist financing issues.
  • July 2014 – Christine was in Macleans regarding the financial technology and financial crime risks of digital currency transactions.
  • June 2014 – Christine was in The Wall Street Journal regarding the implementation of the world’s first Bitcoin legislation.
  • June 2014 – Christine was interviewed by The Daily Dot regarding securities law issues involving the offering of ICOs and Bitcoin-related securities and derivatives.
  • May 2014 – Christine was interviewed on international tax fraud, tax havens and money laundering in soccer with the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists.
  • May 2014 – Christine was in Canadian Lawyer Magazine on legal issues associated with digital currency transactions in Canada.
  • April 2014 – Christine was interviewed by the Huffington Post on legal issues associated with Bitcoin and digital currencies.

Articles and Publications
Select Articles

Christine has written numerous articles for various publications such as Quartz, the Globe & Mail, Financier Worldwide, the Financial Post, Canadian Gaming Business, Casino Magazine, Gambling Compliance and Lawyer’s Weekly, and including:

Select Presentations / Panels

  • AI World Forum, “What 5G is, Low Orb Satellites, Technology and China.”
  • Money 20/20, with The Gates Foundation, “Financial Inclusion.”
  • United Nations UNCITRAL, “The Promises & Perils of Artificial Intelligence & Importance of Lawyers.”
  • Credit Union International Regulators, “FinTech, AI and the Future of Banking.”
  • AI Toronto, “The Promises and Perils of AI.”
  • United Nations UNICTRAL, “The Law of Digital Currencies & of Blockchain.”
  • Asian Development Bank, “Financial Inclusion and identity issues.”
  • Innovate Finance, with UNICEF, “Financial Inclusion and Refugee Crisis.”
  • Asian Venture Capital Philanthropic Network, “The Refugee Crisis.”
  • Interac Conference, “Terrorist Financing and ATM Networks.”
  • RCMP, “Financial Crime Risks with Digital Currencies.”
  • ACAMS,“Counter-Terrorist Financing in the Post-ISIS Age.”
  • Offshore Alert, “Financial Technology Innovations and Digital Currencies.”
  • American Banker, Washington, DC, “Digital Currencies, Banking Regulatory Symposium.”
  • Canadian Gaming Summit, “Anti-Money Laundering Law in the Gambling Regime.”
  • ACAMS Conference, “Digital Currencies and Financial Crime Risks.”
  • ACAMS Netherlands, “Law and Policy on Digital Currencies.”
  • Bitcoin Foundation, “Anti-Money Laundering Issues with Digital Currencies” panel with several financial crime specialists including Dr. Dirk Haubrich, European Banking Authority.
  • Offshore Alert Conference, “Overview of Business & Legal Risks of Digital Currencies and Bitcoin.”
  • Interac Conference, “Bitcoin and other Digital Currencies – the Legal and Regulatory Landscape.”
  • Inside Bitcoin Conference, “Policy Perspectives on Digital Currencies.”
  • Osgoode Hall Law School, 10th Annual National Symposium on Money Laundering, “Emerging Trends in Money Laundering – Bitcoin, Hawalas and Prepaid Access.”
  • Inside Bitcoin Conference, “Bitcoin, Digital Currencies and Regulatory Regime.”
  • ACAMS Conference, “Economic and Trade Sanction Compliance.”