Duhaime Law Releases New White Paper on Digital Terrorism – The Twitter Terrorist – And Calls for Gov’ts to Fund Defence Against the Twitter Terrorist

Highlights Threat of Digital Terrorism

Duhaime Law has released a detailed White Paper on the war against digital terrorism, emphasizing the pervasive social media presence of the Islamic State and describing how the most important battles today are being fought online, and not on traditional battlefields.

Christine Duhaime, who first coined the phrase the “twitter terrorist”, says that “terrorist organizations are engaged in digital warfare where the key weaponry is not guns, swords and bombs – it is computers, cell phones, the Internet and social media.”

Ms. Duhaime is a financial regulatory lawyer with a specialized practice in counter-terrorist financing.

The White Paper explains how the Twitter terrorist has, with the click of a mouse, the global capacity and reach to radicalize others to commit domestic terrorist acts, defect to places like Syria, Yemen or Libya to engage in terrorism or send funds to maintain the operations of the terrorist organization and takes the position that ISIS may win the digital war unless the West mounts a digital counter-terrorism offensive.

The White Paper is a culmination of the firm’s review of the social media activities of ISIS for over a year, including importantly, those activities that ISIS or its sympathizers propagate on social media that have a terrorist financing component.

The White Paper highlights two examples of Canadians discussing payments to ISIS over Twitter for illustrative purposes, and calls for increased digital counter-terrorism efforts.

“There seems to be a reluctance in some countries to invest the funds needed to counter terrorist organizations online but the unfortunately reality is that we will not have a growing and vibrant economy in the West to protect, and nor will we have the democracy based on the rule of law that our ancestors fought to establish, if we do not address international security issues and invest in eradicating terrorism now where it is actually happening with frequency and permanency – on the iPads and iPhones in the hands of every ten-year- old watching ISIS’ Reign of Terror”, said Ms.Duhaime.

Click to download –> White Paper.