Casino Lawyer ~ EU 4th Directive on Anti-Money Laundering for Casinos

We are pleased to announce that Casino Lawyer magazine is featuring an article by Christine Duhaime on the new EU 4th AML directive entitled: “New EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive to Affect I-Gaming”, available here.

In the article, Ms. Duhaime discusses politically exposed persons, beneficial ownership regime changes, risk assessments, the expanded role of Financial Intelligence Units for internet gambling, and expanded customer due diligence.

“The key change,” said Ms. Duhaime, “is that the definition of obliged entities is changing to cover all providers of gambling services which now clearly captures Internet or online gambling. The rationale for the change in the EU was to address evidence that was presented to the European Commission of vulnerabilities of Internet gambling to money laundering and terrorist financing, and in particular to ensure that organized crime does not use online gaming platforms to launder funds.”